February 7, 2014, after the Spring Festival of the Horse is the first working day after all the staff work, the work is also in full swing, the departments are also actively adjust holiday attitude, tense from the festive atmosphere, quick access to the orderly work state, a pragmatic working style to greet the New Year start. In addition to the road far not buy a ticket for duty staff are. Marketing department full place and held the first working meeting of the New Year, the first machine of great marketing potential; Production departments arrange a day early to prepare for the workshop before starting work to ensure a smooth start of the production line; Administrative departments as the company's service department, in the first day of work is based on the needs of working with other departments to ensure the orderly conduct of the various departments. In 2014, let us down to earth, step by step, do everything. 2014 carries too much of our dreams, let us create a brilliant new year, let us in this time of a new round of rising sun, to work together for higher goals, struggle!